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Sunrise Transfer’s story is unique by traditional freight company standards.

In 1988, we recognized a major void in what Chicagoland trucking companies were offering and what many cartage company customers were expecting. Most freight companies provided the basics – sure. But, more than that, clients were looking for a carrier that cared as much about the customer as it did for the cargo. Recognizing that need sparked the beginning of Sunrise Transfer.

We built our Midwest cartage company on a platform of solutions that serves supply chain managers with commercial and residential customers alike. In the process, we’ve anticipated every one of your freight forwarding requirements and adapted them to our trucking company’s operations to make your job easier. From hydraulic lift gates and climate-controlled trucks, to hot shot and white glove services alone, Sunrise Transfer is equipped to move your freight efficiently from point A to point B with no worries, no surprises.

To raise the customer care bar even higher, we run under the Sunrise Transfer network of transportation specialists in areas such as national and international freight shipping and handling, freight logistics, and cargo storage to name a few. These professionals operate not only under our core values of honesty, loyalty and integrity, but also according to your standards of timeliness, reliability, and efficiency.

Along the way, we’ve formed lasting relationships with customers just like you. We like to believe this indicates we were right in our decision of the late 80s to build a Chicagoland cartage company that’s customer focused. We invite you to experience our services. Let’s see how Sunrise Transfer can lighten your load.

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